A simple website that can provide you free SSH, Shadowsocks, & tutorials.

Download Link
1. Download HTTP Injector HERE and open it.
HTTP Injector
2. Working Server Name Indication (SNI) based on your network's promo. Example: if you are SUN user, the working SNI as of now is www.viber.com. Note: it may change someday, who knows.
Server Name Indication
3. Go to Tunnel Type.
Tunnel Type
3.1. Select Shadowsocks and SSL (stunnel) and save.
Tunnel Type
4. Click menu icon.
Hamburger Icon
4.1. Click Shadowsocks Settings.
Shadowsocks Settings
5. Click the import config icon.
Import Config
6. Paste the config settings here and click ok.
Paste Config Settings
7. Click the back arrow.
Final Step
8. Click the start button. Once you see something like the image below, try to browse the internet. If you can browse, then it's working!
Start Button